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The Importance of Racking Protection

Any racking or shelving being accessed using Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) is susceptible to racking damage and risks. This is why racking protection is such a necessary investment.

Racking Protection

Simply put, racking protection products are widely used to prevent damage from occurring. If damage can be prevented then risk levels can be kept low, down-time can be reduced, and the cost to the business can be controlled.

Racking Protection, Racking Barrier

Reduce Racking Risk

Lets start with the obvious, less racking damage means less risk to the operatives working alongside the racking. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, it is the duty of every employer to ensure the health, safety, and welfare at work of their employees. Racking protection will prevent damage from occurring should an MHE operative impact the structural components.

Options such as column guards are a fantastic way of preventing damage occurring in operating aisles and can be purchased here. For transverse aisles or end of aisle protection, the tubular barrier is a great way to drastically reduce damage.

Reduce Downtime and Cost

Each pallet space in a warehouse comes at a premium and we understand that each day that a pallet location remains out of service there is a cost to the business. It also adds strain to the operation and causes employees headaches as they balance safety with the day-to-day storage requirements.

Installing racking protection will cut this off at source and reduce the amount of time spent offloading damaged locations, it will also reduce costs associated with racking repairs, and ensure that the operation runs more effectively overall.


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