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Pallet Racking (Apex)

Adjustable Pallet Racking


Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is the preferred choice for many warehouses. Widely embraced across a range of industries, APR offers versatile configuration options, making it the ideal solution for optimising warehouse spaces of all sizes.

Cost Effective

APR is cost effective and when used properly it will continue to perform efficiently and safely for a long time!


Most changes in product dimensions can be accommodated by simply adjusting the beam position to flex the aperture height.

Future Proof

Additional parts can easily be added in order to create more locations, or removed to accommodate changes in operational requirements.


Adequately trained installers can decommission these structures and relocate them as operational needs change.

Pallet Racking (Apex)
Pallet Racking (Apex)
Pallet Racking (Apex)
Pallet Racking (Apex)

Wide Aisle

Counter balance / Reach truck

Narrow Aisle

Bendi / Flexi truck

Very Narrow Aisle

VNA truck

Double Deep

Counter balance / Reach truck

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