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Racking Protection


With the right racking protection in place, you ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable pallet racking uprights and end frames. By taking this essential step, you create a workplace that is not only more secure but also safer for everyone, offering peace of mind and protection for your assets and team.


"Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should
be protected. Generally, such damage is at the lower levels of the racking – use
renewable column guards to minimise the risk of damage from accidental impact"


"Safety barriers and free standing upright protection should be provided at end uprights located at the intersections of aisles and gangways"

BS EN 15635

Avoid Downtime

Upright protection can reduce or eliminate the effects of an accidental collision and can prevent serious upright damage. This means there are likely to be less offloads required with protection in place.

Easy to Maintain

Upright protectors are intended as sacrificial protection and will need to be replaced once they are damaged and ineffective.

Racking Upright Protection (Racking Protection)
Racking Upright Protection (Racking Protection)
Racking Upright Protection (Racking Protection)
Racking End Frame Protection (Racking Protection)

Rack Mounted

Basic protection - upright

Floor Fixed

Good protection - urpright

HD Floor Fixed

Best protection - upright


End of aisle protection

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