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Pallet Racking (Apex)


  • How Can I Maximise My Space?
    We are always happy to explore all of the options in the initial consultation phase to create the best solution for every end user. It may be though that you already have racking installed and need to increase your storage capabilities. Again we can explore all the options and work with you to look at whether higher density options can be utilised, or if there is existing space which is yet to be explored.
  • What Is a PRRS?
    PRRS stands for Person Responsible for Racking Safety. Each site should nominate a PRRS and provide them with suitable training, such as the Rackawareness Training Course. The PRRS has an overall responsibility to know the racking system and build a working relationship with the supplier. All matters relating to the racking system should be managed by the PRRS including, but not limited to, being the point of contact for immediate reporting of damage, arranging and maintaining a record of internal inspections, arranging and maintaining a record of external inspections, safely managing racking remedial works and ensuring that they are signed off as safely completed including keeping a record of the works, and ensuring that all training requirements are met.
  • What Racking Do I Need?
    The answer is that every racking end user has different requirements. There are many different options to create the best racking solution to best suit your needs. We generally always start by looking at the available space and the dimensions of the products you are looking to store. For the best solution, we would be happy to arrange a videocall to talk through the options and look to arrange a site visit.
  • What Racking Do I Have?
    Luckily we either stock or have fantastic working relationships with all major racking manufacturers and as such are able to help you identify what racking system you have. Use our racking crib sheet to identify your racking, and send us your requirements so we can quote for replacements.
  • What are the Requirements for Racking Inspections (Internal / Visual)
    Internal 'visual' inspections should be completed at weekly or other regular intervals based on risk assessment. A formal written record should be maintained. The internal inspectors should have received adequately training, such as the Rackawareness Training Course, within the previous 2 years.
  • What are the Requirements for Racking Inspections (External / Expert)
    There is a requirement under HSG76 and BS EN 15635 for racking to be inspected by an expert. BS EN 15635: Expert inspections "A technically competent person shall carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months" HSE HSG76: 646 ‘Expert’ inspections "A technically competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months" A technically competent person includes a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector, you can book your expert inspection with one of our SARIs who cover the entirety of the UK and Europe.
  • Why Do I Need To Inspect A Brand New Installation?
    Commissioning racking is always a good idea. On average when we are called in to inspect racking as part of a commissioning process, our SARIs find 10+ defects ranging from missing components, to loose frame assembly nuts and bolts. Racking systems use vast quantities of bolted components and coupled with a human element, mistakes happen. A racking commissioning survey ensures that a complete snagging list is generated, saving money on repairs down the line and eliminating unknown risk. Read more here.
  • Our Racking Is Damaged, What Do We Do?
    Firstly, the racking should be offloaded in accordance with the HSG76 and BS EN 15635 guidelines. Green Risk "Requiring surveillance only" Amber Risk Phased offload to be completed over 28 days after which the defect must be re-classified as red risk (see below) Red Risk "Very serious damage requiring immediate action" To get your racking back in to service, contact us to arrange racking repairs, you can attach either a report or internal inspection sheets using the form here.
  • We Have Had A Racking Inspection And Need To Arrange Repairs.
    Great news, you are staying compliant by having a racking inspection completed by external experts. We are always happy to take a look at inspection reports and quote for any remedial works required. You can complete the form and submit your inspection report for us to take a look at using this link.
  • Who Can Repair or Maintain a Racking System?
    Racking must only be worked on by competent persons as defined by the HSE The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 "A competent person is someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities" It is not safe or legal for racking end users to alter their own racking without sufficient training and experience. All of our installation teams include a supervisor who has a wealth of experience, this is coupled with both formal training and regular on-site safety briefings.
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