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Gondola Shelving and Racking (Apex) - Retail


Dynamic Retail Systems: Together We Can Craft the Perfect Shopping Experience, Adaptable to Your Changing Inventory Needs. Practical Retail Solutions, Together We Can Make It Happen.

Inventory Management


We work with you to understand your inventory dynamics. By designing the systems around your SKUs we can help you maintain stock efficiently and effectively. A well designed shop layout and stock room can drastically reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Maximise Space


Our aim is to maximise the available space. We analyse your store blueprint / requirements and make every every square foot count. Our design team will utilise the best solution which could include anything from mezzanine floors to innovative multi-tier shelving layouts. We enable you to display a wide product range, and optimise customer flow within the same space.

Optimised Display


Our extensive experience in designing retail storage solutions allows us to create solutions that perfectly align with your products. We ensure your products are displayed to maximise customer interaction with a view to maximising revenue.

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We always make sure to utilise the available space to great effect and offer a solution which complements the current storage processes. 

We ask the right questions at the start of the warehouse storage system installation project to ensure best results.

  • What is being stored?

  • What size and type of pallet does it sit on?

  • How many pallets need storing?

  • How big is the available space?

  • How often do items need to be accessed?

  • Is stock rotation required?

  • Do you operate forklifts?

  • Which type of forklifts are in use and how many?

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