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Longspan Shelving and Pallet Racking (Apex) - Builders Merchants

Builders Merchants and Branches

Building Success Together: We're Eager to Collaborate on Strategies that Optimise Your Operations, Adapt to Changing Inventory Demands, and Prioritise Safety. Let's Shape a Future of Construction Supply Excellence Together.

Inventory Management


We understand the unique challenges of builders merchants. Our solutions are designed to help you manage and access inventory with ease. From customisable racking systems to efficient layout designs, we offer the tools to keep your products organised, accessible, and in-demand.

Scalable Solutions for Growth


As a builders merchant, your needs can change rapidly. Our solutions are scalable and adaptable, allowing you to respond to shifting inventory demands without the need for significant structural changes. We help you grow your business while maintaining operational efficiency.

Safety-First Approach


Safety is paramount in the construction supply industry. We prioritise your safety and compliance by providing racking systems that meet industry regulations. Our expert teams ensure that your storage solutions are not only efficient but also safe and compliant, giving you peace of mind as you serve your customers.

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We always make sure to utilise the available space to great effect and offer a solution which complements the current storage processes. 

We ask the right questions at the start of the warehouse storage system installation project to ensure best results.

  • What is being stored?

  • What size and type of pallet does it sit on?

  • How many pallets need storing?

  • How big is the available space?

  • How often do items need to be accessed?

  • Is stock rotation required?

  • Do you operate forklifts?

  • Which type of forklifts are in use and how many?

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