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HDS Crane Racking (ASRS)

Dynamic Storage


Gravity-fed, push-back, shuttle systems, and crane racking offer highly dynamic storage solutions, each tailored to specific needs. These systems not only provide extensive storage capacity but also bring unique advantages to your warehouse operations.

Storage Capacity

Storage capability depending on which system is utilised can be increased significantly when compared to standard APR.

Stock Rotation

Systems can be designed to suit the products being stored, meaning that first in first out (FIFO) systems can be designed for date sensitive products.


Increased access to individual SKUs compared to other dense storage options such as Drive In as each level can be individually accessed.

Easy to Use

Reduced number of pick paces when coupled with sufficient racking protection means that there is reduced risk of damage occuring.

Roller Pallet Live Storage (Apex)
Push Back Pallet Live Storage (Link 51)
Shuttle Pallet Live Storage (Link 51)
High Bay Crane Pallet Live Storage (Apex)

Gravity Fed

Counter balance / Reach truck

Push Back

Counter balance / Reach truck


Counter balance / Reach truck



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