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Working Safely With Racking

When it comes to working safely with racking, keeping workers safe and preventing accidents in a warehouse environment, regular racking inspection is essential.

It is not only important from an ethical point of view, nor as a means of cutting costs and avoiding downtime; there are racking inspection regulations to follow, with rules set out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

In this racking inspection guide, we cover all the key issues that impact racking safety, from the types of inspections that are available to the training and qualifications that can be acquired in this area.

Racking Inspections

There are three levels of inspections available, which we will examine in detail a little later in our racking inspection guide. These include the immediate reporting of damage during day to day operations, the weekly visual inspections carried out by the designated Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS), and the expert inspections that need to be scheduled at least once a year.

Racking Inspection, Racking Commissioning Survey

Immediate Reporting

When a member of staff encounters a damaged pallet racking assembly, or notices that there is any other kind of problem with your storage solutions in the course of their work, they need to report this immediately. The employee who has been nominated as the PRRS is the point of contact and they will need to write up the incident so that it can be actioned.

For employees to be able to respond effectively after encountering damaged racking, it is vital that they receive safety training in this area. SEMA training courses are a good investment for organisations that want to stay on top of their health and safety responsibilities.

Visual Inspections

Once a week the PRRS will need to carry out a visual inspection of the entire racking setup, keeping a practised eye out for problems. Once they have done this, they will also need to note their findings on a permanent record for later reference.

PRRS / internal inspector training courses can be booked here.

Expert Inspections

This top tier of racking inspection should be conducted annually, and the PRRS will also be involved, this time as the recipient of the report written up by the expert inspector (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector).

Qualified inspectors and competent experts in pallet racking safety assessments can be found in a variety of places. Some operate as independent contractors, while others are employed by pallet racking suppliers as part of the follow-on support provided after a business has invested in their products.

Working Safely With Racking

To enquire about Apex completing your expert inspection, follow this link.


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