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Cantilever Racking (Wickens)

Cantilever Racking


Cantilever Racking offers an ideal solution for storing lengthy and cumbersome products, as well as items that are not palletised. This system is frequently chosen for the efficient storage of long sections of metal extrusions and timber, ensuring space optimisation for non-standard items.

Cost Effective

Cantilever is cost effective and when used properly it will continue to perform efficiently and safely for a long time!

Flexible Storage

An open-fronted system allows storing infinite and varying length items, a well-designed system can take this in to account ensuring that different products can be stored safely.

Future Proof

Additional parts can easily be added in order to create more locations, or removed to accommodate changes in operational requirements.

Strong and Robust

Most Cantilever systems are designed using hot-rolled structural steel sections, which make them very robust and able to withstand the rigours of arduous environments.

Cantilever Racking (Wickens)
Cantilever Racking (Wickens)
Cantilever Racking (Wickens)
Cantilever Racking (Stakapal)

Timber Storage

Counter balance / reach truck

Metal Stock Holding

Counter balance / reach truck

Vinyl / Coil Storage

Adapted MHE

Flat Sheet Storage

VNA / 4 Way truck

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