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SEMA Approved Racking Inspection (Apex)

Racking Inspection

Stay safe and compliant with our expert racking inspections.

SARI Racking Inspection (Apex)


SEMA Approved Inspections, Nationally

Adjustable Pallet



Our racking inspections are conducted in strict accordance with current legislation, a crucial requirement to maintain safety and compliance. These inspections are performed by our expert inspectors (SARIs) at intervals not exceeding 12 months.




Our specialised inspections focus on detecting defects before the site is handed over to the end user. This service is available to both installation companies and end users. It's common for our inspections to identify non-compliance issues and even missing components.




The demand for this specialised inspection is on the rise with growing awareness of the essential requirements. Just like standard pallet racking, cantilever racking must undergo external inspections at intervals not exceeding 12 months to ensure compliance and safety.

Groups / Chains

(Multi - Site)


Our extensive experience extends to collaborating with large organisations across diverse sectors such as grocery, retail, building merchants, engineering, and healthcare. We offer tailored, comprehensive racking inspection packages for each customer, encompassing inspections and training to meet specific needs.




As industry pioneers in Automated Storage Retrieval System (AS/RS) inspections, we excel in assessing each site individually. Our inspections prioritise safety and efficiency, ensuring a meticulous examination of your racking system.

Longspan Shelving


While Longspan Shelving doesn't currently have a mandatory inspection requirement, we strongly recommend a comprehensive check during the installation commissioning process. For areas with Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operation, annual inspections are highly advised to ensure safety and compliance.

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