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Racking Repairs (Apex)

Racking Repairs

Trust us to handle your racking repairs and minimise pallet space downtime.

Pallet Racking Repairs (Apex)


Racking Repairs, Done Right

General Maintenance


Opt for our proactive repair service, often initiated by your internal racking inspections. When your team identifies defects or issues, contact us for expert repairs and component replacement. Our ability to provide the required racking components ensures a streamlined solution, making your warehouse a safer and more efficient space.

Racking Inspection


If you've had an external racking inspection completed and received a detailed report, send it our way using the form below. Our expert teams will review the report and promptly provide a comprehensive quote for all necessary replacement components and required racking repairs.

We ensure your racking systems operate at peak performance, effectively reducing downtime and enhancing warehouse efficiency.




Our contract repair service is ideal for those who prefer a proactive and scheduled approach to racking maintenance. We work with you to set up regular repair schedules, aligning with your operational needs. Additionally, we can supply components and even maintain component stocks, ensuring rapid access to necessary items when required.

This tailored maintenance approach guarantees that your racking systems operate optimally, offering you peace of mind.

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