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Pallet Truck Pro

Pallet Truck Pro


Load Capacity - 2500Kg


2 options for fork length, 2 options for fork spacing

• Conform to EN 1757-2

• Fork width 160mm

• Raised height of forks 200mm

• Lowered height of forks 85mm

• Complete with entry and exit rollers

• Ergonomically designed handle with a 3 position control lever

• Manufactured to the recognised European GS Standard

• Mobile on 200mm nylon steering wheels and 85mm nylon front rollers

Pallet Truck Pro

  • Components are often manufactured to order. Current lead time is around 1-2 working weeks. Please take this in to consideration when placing your order. Refunds can not be issued on the basis of lead time disatisfaction.

  • In the event of a manufacturing error, an exchange can be arranged. Apex Storage Limited must be alerted to the error within 5 working days of reciept and proof supplied. Returns are not permitted as a result of purchasing errors.

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