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Apex Linbins - Small Part Storage

Linbins - Small Part Storage

Available in 9 sizes


Size 2 - H75mm x W105mm x D135mm - Pack of 20

Size 3 - H75mm x W105mm x D190mm - Pack of 20

Size 4 - H130mm x W140mm x D210mm - Pack of 10

Size 5 - H130mm x W140mm x D280mm - Pack of 10

Size 6 - H180mm x W210mm x D280mm - Pack of 10

Size 7 - H180mm x W210mm x D375mm - Pack of 10

Size 8 - H180mm x W420mm x D375mm - Pack of 5

Size 9 - H230mm x W210mm x D455mm - Pack of 5

Size 10 - H295mm x W420mm x D455mm - Pack of 3


Made from premium quality polypropylene.

• Can be used as an all purpose plastic container

• Strong enough to stack: reinforced ribbing gives it strength and rigidity

• 9 sizes in 4 colours

• A full width lip provides increased strength and stability, when used on a louvre panel

• Each box of bins comes complete with labels

• Dividers provide smaller picking spaces (sold separately)

Linbins - Small Part Storage

  • Components are often manufactured to order. Current lead time is around 1-3 working weeks. Please take this in to consideration when placing your order. Refunds can not be issued on the basis of lead time disatisfaction. 

  • In the event of a manufacturing error, an exchange can be arranged. Apex Storage Limited must be alerted to the error within 5 working days of reciept and proof supplied. Returns are not permitted as a result of purchasing errors.

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