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Boltless Standard Duty Shelving (Complete Bay)

Boltless Standard Duty Shelving (Complete Bay)


Standard Duty Bays, availble in 9 configurations-

Size 1 - H1981mm x W900mm x D300mm

Size 2 - H1981mm x W900mm x D450mm

Size 3 - H1981mm x W900mm x D600mm

Size 4 - H1981mm x W1200mm x D300mm

Size 5 - H1981mm x W1200mm x D450mm

Size 6 - H1981mm x W1200mm x D600mm

Size 7 - H1981mm x W1500mm x D300mm

Size 8 - H1981mm x W1500mm x D450mm

Size 9 - H1981mm x W1500mm x D600mm


Shelves - Five shelving levels with 18mm chipboard


NOTE - Shelving exceeding a 4 to 1 height to depth ratio must be floor fixed. Refer to Design Department for further information.

Boltless Standard Duty Shelving (Complete Bay)

Door Colour: Light Grey
  • Components are often manufactured to order. Current lead time is around 2-3 working weeks. Please take this in to consideration when placing your order. Refunds can not be issued on the basis of lead time disatisfaction. 

  • In the event of a manufacturing error, an exchange can be arranged. Apex Storage Limited must be alerted to the error within 5 working days of reciept and proof supplied. Returns are not permitted as a result of purchasing errors.

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