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Apex Shelving Beams

Longspan Shelving


Apex Shelving Beams


Please choose the correct length and depth for your racking system. If you require advise on the loading capacities, please contact our sales team directly.


Supplied in Orange RAL 2000 as standard.


NOTE - For use in apex UK 06 longspan shelving frames only.

Apex - Shelving Beams (Open Section 'U')

  • Beams are manufactured to order. Current lead time is around 4-5 working weeks. Please take this in to consideration when placing your order. Refunds can not be issued on the basis of lead time disatisfaction. 

  • In the event of a manufacturing error, an exchange can be arranged. Apex Storage Limited must be alerted to the error within 5 working days of reciept and proof supplied. Returns are not permitted as a result of purchasing errors.

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