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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is easily configured to utilise the most space available for the storage of pallets. The racking is mounted on a mobile chassis which move along guided rails installed within the floor.  This design is often used for cold stores, where the maximum amount of space can be used for storage.

Apex have many years experience in assisting customers in evaluating the right system/application. We have a wide range of mobile pallet racking for sale. Please call for assistance if you wish to place an order. 


Mobile Racking is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking. Offering technical superiority and total flexibility, mobile pallet racking is suitable for every kind of stored goods, and has a wide range of accessories.


Advantages of Mobile Pallet Racking


·     Access to pallets – every pallet is easily accessible

·     Space utilisation – improved space utilization compared with conventional pallet racking

·     Speed of operation – improved speed of operation over drive in pallet racking

·     Reduced cost per pallet stored – more pallets in same floor space

mobile pallet racking


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