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Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Pallet Racking is used when there are large quantities of the same product type providing up to 90% space utilization. The system is usually operated using the FILO (first in last out) system. Drive Through Pallet Racking is very similar except the system is operated using the FIFI (first in first out) system.

This compact, accumulative storage system makes optimum use of available space in terms of both area and height. It is the ideal system for storing large quantities of homogeneous products with fewer product types. Forklifts enter into the storage lanes of drive-in racking to deposit and extract pallets, which means that operating aisles are eliminated, saving a great deal of space.

Apex have many years experience in assisting customers in evaluating the right system/application. We have a wide range of drive in pallet racking for sale. Please call for assistance if you wish to place an order. 


Drive in Pallet Racking Benefits


·     High density storage – maximizing the cubic space available

·     Ideal for cold and chill storage applications – More efficient use of temperature control

·     Product segregation – each product stored in on or more lanes

·     No special equipment required – product can be accessed by Reach or Counterbalance trucks


drive in pallet racking 



Drive In Pallet Racking Dimesions

  • Heights - Up to 13.5m

  • Pallet loads - Up to 1,500kgs

  • Pallet heights - Up to 3,000mm

  • Lane widths - Up to 1,800mm

  • Temperature ranges - -25 C to +350 C


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