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CDM Regulations
CDM Regulations
The CDM Regulations are aimed at improving the overall management and co-ordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a construction project to reduce the large number of serious and fatal accidents and cases of ill health which happen every year in the construction industry.

The CDM Regulations place duties on all those who can contribute to the health and safety of a construction project. Duties are placed upon clients, designers and contractors and the Regulations create a new duty holder - CDM Coordinator formerly the planning supervisor. They also introduce new documents - health and safety plans and the health and safety file.

The degree of detail as well as the time and effort required to comply with your legal duties need only be in proportion to the nature, size and level of health and safety risks involved in the project. Therefore for small projects with minimal health and safety risks, you will only be required to take simple, straightforward steps and few, if any, specialist skills will be needed.
Apex Storage Limited will take responsibility for the CDM Regulations on your behalf.