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Role of Client
Role of the Client
If you are a client you have specific duties to carry out under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM Regulations).

What are the client and client's agent duties under the CDM Regulations?

You have the following duties under the CDM Regulations, whether you are a client or client's agent:

Appoint a CDM Coordinator (formerly planning supervisor);
Provide information on health and safety to the planning supervisor;
Appoint a principal contractor;
Ensure those you appoint are competent and adequately resourced to carry out their health and safety responsibilities;
Ensure that a suitable health and safety plan has been prepared by the principal contractor before construction work starts; and
Ensure the health and safety file given to you at the end of the project is kept available for use.

If you arrange for someone to prepare a design or for a contractor to carry out construction work on the project, you also have duties to ensure they are competent and are adequately resourced to carry out their health and safety responsibilities.

Apex Storage Limited will act as the Client's Agent freeing you up to concentrate on your business!