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Due to our increased success and ever decreasing working area we contacted a number of racking companies with a view to installing some pallet racking to store manufactered product to clear floor space for work in progress. 

Apex Storage Limited understood our requirement and limited timescales to; design a pallet racking system to accommodate our product range whilst maintaining flexibility and access to our products

It was obvious from our discussions that Apex understood our demanding requirements and they worked in a professional manner throughout the project to ensure everything went according to plan. They installed the pallet racking complete with heavy duty timber decking within 4 weeks of our initial discussions. 

All of this was achieved on time and with minimum disruption to the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Apex Storage to other businesses looking for a reputable racking company to assist with their storage requirements.


Jamie F. Technical Manager

Initially we were looking for some pallet racking for one warehouse and were looking to buy second hand racking. However, following discussions ith Apex Storage Limited we decided to buy new. There was very little difference in price and we were guaranteed new pallet racking with 12 months warranty. We were not disappointed and Apex ensured we maximised the buildings potential. They produced numerous drawing showing alternative racking layouts and eventually we awarded them the contract.

We subsequently used Apex to rack out a further two warehouses because of their professional approach to our requirements.

We would have no reservations in recommending Apex Storage Limited.


Mike F, Director



Apex Storage Limited worked closely with us providing detailed drawings, making allowance for building columns, in order to maximise the number of additional pallet positions achievable in our existing warehouse. 

Apex repositioned some of our existing pallet racking and installed 2,808 additional pallet locations locations whilst minimising the disruption to our operation. They achieved this in a professional manner and I would recommend Apex Storage to my colleagues and businesses associates.


Eddie W, Warehouse Manager



We invited Apex Storage Limited in to discuss replacing some of our old cantilever racking with new. In addition some of our existing cantilever racking needed to be re-positioned which they did whilst on site. Furthermore, Apex provided additional cantilever arms for our existing racks.

Apex understood our needs and I would recommend them without hesitation.


Steve K, Managing Director



Following EP (UK) Ltd being awarded a GNFR consolidation contract for over 1000 SKU’s, Apex Storage Limited were contacted to submit proposals based on the current racking configuration. Following project meetings, and site visits to see existing customers installations we appointed Apex to manage the project.

Apex understood our requirement and timescales to; design, supply, deliver and install a four tier shelving system in to our existing pallet racking with the minimum amount of upheaval to the day to day operation of our business. 

Apex installed two staircase which fitted neatly into our existing back to back racks and three walkways in to the existing aisle. Up and over pallet gates at  each end on all levels allowed for the safe movement of product. 

All of this was achieved on time and with minimum disruption to the business. I would have no reservation in recommending Apex Storage to my work colleagues and other businesses looking for experts to assist them with their requirements.


Walter L, Operations Director – EP



Having altered our picking profile we required some intricate alterations/additions to our ground floor picking locations in our warehouse. One of our main concerns was the possible disruption to our order picking whilst the work was carried out.

We needed to alter 252 bays of our existing system and it was estimated this would take 3 to 4 weeks. Apex Storage Limited came up with an innovative shelf design which enabled us to fit an extra shelf level in every bay. 

Apex carried out the work overnight to prevent disruption to our business and the work was completed to our satisfaction.


Mike S, Technical Manager



We required some quite difficult and complex repairs to our existing pallet racking in the self serve area of our store. Our main concern was the possible disruption to our customers.

Apex Storage Limited understood our concerns and worked closely with us to ensure the work was carried out overnight to prevent inconveniencing our customers. At the end of each night the store was handed back in a safe condition allowing us to open for business as usual.

I would have no problem recommending Apex to my co-workers.


Satish, Goods Flow Team Manager