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Apex Racking - The Right Choice  

When the customer has freedom to choose the right choice has to be Apex Pallet Racking.


Edmundson see the Light 

Edmundson Electrical finally saw the light and made a concious decision to protect their pallet racking from further FLT damage. Apex Storage won the contract to install end of rack barriers to all the existing racking. Now the barriers are in place Apex can repair the racking and make the system safe once again.


Race for Life 

Apex Storage Limited were proud to have representation in the recent Race for Life held in Birmingham. The girls raised a substantial amount for this very worthy cause.

The girls are already planning for this year watch this space!

Atlantic Plastics - Storing It Live!

Atlantic Plastics (TYCO) found Carton Live Storage to be an ideal solution for their fast pick operation of small components for their pumps - Bays of Carton Live Storage were installed beneath the existing bays of pallet racking creating the extra pick locations.

Stirchley Bacon - Drive In The Bacon Over Night

Stirchley Bacon's new production facility required Drive In Pallet Racking to store pallets of freshly sliced bacon. Apex Storage Limited came to the rescue and installed the drive in racking through the night to ensure no disruption to production.

Drive In Pallet Racking

Maurice Crouch Growers - Push Back Their Produce

Apex Storage Limited recently installed Apex Push Back Pallet Racking in only 3 days working with the client - Maurice Crouch Growers - in their chill facility

Push Back Racking 4 Deep

Rolls Royce - Stores Re-organisation

Apex Storage Limited have just completed a major stores re-organisation for Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Derby using Apex Pallet Racking